Data may go stale over time, but sound ideas do not!

Some 55 years ago, business leaders were concerned that voters were losing an understanding of the principles and purposes of the American political process. Facilitated by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States in 1959, a study guide was produced titled “The Action Course in Practical Politics” and group course study was started across the country. It was designed to help individuals who were interested in knowing more about politics, or might wish to personally become a candidate. The course involved eight group meetings, called Workshops, usually in the evening, with about 12-15 participants and a Discussion Leader. The workshops were two hours in length although they usually went beyond that time frame as excitement was built from the discussions..The original course manual is long out of date, and in error in some areas relative to today’s political arena. It was the idea of two senior citizens who once took the course and became workshop leaders to remove or revise out of date content and errors, but not destroy the “totally bipartisan” educational purpose of the course, and then present and conduct the revised political action workshops as a public service.

This new “Action Course in Practical Politics” is a joint effort of Roger Schnitzler Esq., Publisher (Wisconsin) and Sam Gallo, Chairman Emeritus, Conservative Party USA (Louisiana) that started in 2008. The course sections, or books, will someday be presented here for reading by the public. However, the magnitude of benefit from the instruction increases many-fold when used within the context of group workshop meetings. If you are interested in participating in, or sponsoring a workshop in your hometown, let us know. Courses were, and will continue to be, sponsored by local businesses, churches, schools, and other entities interested in this political action mission.

NOTICE: When the books become available you are free, and encouraged, to share or quote from the “books” with family and friends without further permission from us, and permission is only provided for education and reference. Place a link back to this website if content is placed on the Internet acknowledging its copyright. Further permission may be granted depending on circumstances.

Political Action Course Project
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